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THE TOÉ in Paris


Our first location is Paris 🇫🇷


The debut collection of THE TOÉ kicked off with a glamorous photoshoot set against the backdrop of the fashion capital, Paris. We, the TOÉ TEAM, meticulously orchestrated the shoot to bring out the allure of our new apparel brand. Instead of models, we cast a local actress from Paris, capturing her beauty amidst the harmonious cityscape and harnessing the enchantment of light in every fleeting moment.

Our attention to detail in the clothing design accentuates refined elegance and modern style. Employing an approach that blends seamlessly with the scenery, we accentuate the brand's distinctiveness, introducing customers to a new realm of fashion.

This photoshoot encapsulates our passion and creativity, and we hope that our fervor resonates with customers. Anticipate the beginning of a new journey with excitement.